Based in: Vienna, Austria

Zosia Hołubowska—also known as Mala Herba—is a sound artist and a queer activist, a member of the Oramics collective and the co-founder of Sounds Queer?, a knowledge sharing investigative collective. Their practice is deeply rooted in Slavic folklore, healing rituals and queer as metholody of composing music. 

As Zosia Hołubowska, they explore sound design and performance art, working at the intersection of experimental music, theatre and new media art. Their most recent works include 2020’s Śpiewając Warmię (Singing Warmia), a 5 channel composition exploring the inability to establish a relationship with the place of birth. Instead of relying on family stories, songs and memories, they’re sonifying photos of their hometown to tell a story of a place they’re not really from. In 2020 they also premiered Community of Grieving—a collaboration with Julia Giertz—turned into a live show that debuted in 2021 at Unsound Festival in Kraków in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Conceived during the pandemic, it’s an audio ritual drawing on lament and vesper traditions as a choreographed sonic meditation. 

As Mala Herba, they compose music for the dancefloor. Rooted deeply in Slavic rituals, magic and demonology, Mala Herba’s songs explore the darker side of the club music, blending demonic disco with EBM. Juxtaposing dance traditions from the past with their contemporary counterparts, Demonologia—Mala Herba’s debut album for Aufnahme+Wiedergabe—creates something unique: an experience close to primal instincts yet intriguely post-modern. 

Granko represents Zosia Hołubowska globally (excluding “Community of Grieving“) and Mala Herba in Poland.



e: klaudia@granko.agency

t: +48 794 507 340


Friday, 17.04.2020
Lux Fragil
Lisbon, Portugal

Thursday, 30.04.2020
Sala Upload
Barcelona, Spain

Friday, 01.05.2020
Munich, Germany

Friday, 08.05.2020
Wigflex City Festival
Nonsuch Studios
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Saturday, 09.05.2020
And& Festival
The Depot
Leuven, Belgium

Friday, 29.05.2020
Le Bon Air Festival

Saturday, 30.05.2020
Quartier Rouge x Odd Fantastic
La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Paris, France

Sunday, 31.05.2020
Lighthouse Festival
Porec, Croatia

Friday, 05.06.2020
Junction 2
Boston Manor Park
Brentford, London, United Kingdom

Thursday, 11.06.2020
Primavera Sound Porto
Parque da Cidade
Oporto, Portugal

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Prague, Czech Republic

Saturday, 13.06.2020
Whole Festival
Graefenhainichen, Germany

Sunday, 14.06.2020
Heaton Park / Parklife Festival
Manchester, United Kingdom

Thursday, 09.07.2020
Espacio Mad Cool @ Ifema/Valdebebas
Madrid, Spain

Sunday, 19.07.2020
Love International, The Garden
Tisno, Croatia

Friday, 21.08.2020
Lowlands Festival
Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Friday, 28.08.2020
Vienna, Austria

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Lost Village
Norton Disney, United Kingdom