Oramics is a platform supporting women, non-binary and queer people on the electronic music scene in Poland and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2015, it’s now spread between Poland, France, Austria, and Netherlands, featuring Monster, Mala Herba, ISNT and Dogheadsurigeri. Oramics put on events, organise safer spaces, teach DJing and production, curate a podcast series, release music and engage in discussions to achieve they goals, spread awareness and share their skills.
In 2019, Oramics released Total Solidarity a charity compilation featuring 113 artists from all over the globe donating their tracks to raise money for queer grassroots organisations in Poland. The album was a response to the outbreak of violence at the Białystok Pride and over €6500 was raised and donated.
Oramics showcases has been presented at Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival in Katowice, OSA Festival in Sopot and Sanatorium Dźwięku in Sokołowsko. Oramics also host regular nights at Projekt LAB in Poznań and Ziemia in Gdańsk.
In July 2020 Oramics celebrated their 3rd anniversary with an online festival presenting 12 audiovisual streams featuring musicians, visual artists and writers from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and many more…
Oramics showcases can feature not only performances, but also DJ & production workshops, panel discussions and lectures.

General inquiries: Paulina paulina@granko.agency
tel +48 509 729 623

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