Based in: Wrocław, Poland

Gaijin Blues love Japanese pop culture, anime and old school role playing games. Their unique sound and vibrant live performances turn heads of not only those who grew up on a diet of Super Nintendo and PS One.

The band was formed in 2018 by Paweł Klimczak (aka Naphta) and Michał Szczepaniec (aka Playstation Yoga Music), who previously recorded and performed together in a jazz ensemble Naphta & The Shamans. Teaming up again—as Gaijin Blues—they weave samples with live instrumentation, blurring the lines between Japanese and Western sounds to create an organic soundtrack to their own narratives. The Wrocław duo channels their inspiration through a mixture of modern electronic music genres, from Balearic house through dubstep to footwork.

Their Gaijin Blues II album was released in Autumn 2019 by the London-based label Shapes of Rhythm and is described by the artists as “a sequel to a story you’ve never experienced. You are the protagonist who is coming back home to see his world completely changed by seemingly harmless technology. Each track is a chapter in this tale. Collect the items, gather a party and use your wit and imagination to find out the truth. Because technology usually comes at a price…”

Gaijin Blues perform live using MPCs, drum machines, synths, loopers, live flutes and percussion. They have extensively toured Poland and performed a number of times in London opening for Romare, Amon Tobin and Actress.

Paweł Klimczak is a DJ, writer and radio host. He is a graduate of Red Bull Music Academy, class of 2011. Michał Szczepaniec is also known as a touring member of EABS, performing the music of Krzysztof Komeda.


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