Based in: Kraków, Poland

Chino is an artist of many faces: he’s a producer, a performer, a promoter, a designer, an academic teacher, and sometimes a DJ – a leading name in Polish underground.

Growing up in the shadow of Katowice, a post-industrial, bleak city, he was deeply immersed in the 90s counterculture and was initially drawn to graffiti art. This quickly led to a fascination with classic electro and industrial music. Today, with almost a decade of experience, he is one of the foremost producers of electronic music in Poland. The discovery of analogue synthesis led Chino to an obsession with possibilities of live performance, where no set is the same. You can catch him playing full-impact peak-time sets, late night odysseys, and extended offbeat improvisations, as practiced relentlessly in almost every club in Poland.

His debut release Early Days EP was released in 2013 by the don of Polish techno, Jacek Sienkiewicz on his Recognition imprint. Since then, Chino has released a number of EPs on S1 Warsaw (2014), Holger (2016), Shtum (2018), and Syntetyk (2019), as well as Old Practices album on Altered States (2017), pushing his sound forward towards rough and rugged post-industrial electro, stark and brutalist, yet with a spark of humanity shining through the layers of sound. Currently, he’s finishing work on Radiation 30376’s first EP – his new project with Olivia that premiered at Unsound Festival 2019. His tracks were included in Cyberpunk 2077’s soundtrack.

Olivia is also his partner in Radar, originally a club and gallery found in 2012, now an event series travelling between Kraków and Warsaw, leading the way for both cities’ underground scenes. It serves as a hub for his experiments in both music and design.

Chino is also a Red Bull Music Academy 2018 alumnus. Privately, he’s an avid mountaineer.


t: +48 509 729 623


03.06 We Are Radar: Jacek Sienkiewicz | Piękny Pies, Krakow, Poland

24.06-27.06 FOMO Quantum Festival | FOMO klub, Białystok, Poland 

Past events: 

05.06 Jasna 1 / Warsaw, Poland
12.06 CHINZO @ Kinowa / Kraków, Poland
19.06 Pozdro Techno Soundsystem @ Ulica Elektryków / Gdańsk, Poland
25.06 Wieloryb / Warszawa, Poland
24.07 Konkret / Łódź, Poland
30.07 Szpitalna 1 / Łódź Poland
06.08 In Unity @ Cel / Katowice, Poland
20.08 Wisłoujście / Gdańsk, Poland