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Zabawa #1 – 17.07.2019 w/ Solid Blake | Zabawa #2 – 23.11.2019 w/ Violet (Naive)

Biøs is a DJ, producer and sound engineer with over a decade of experience under his belt. His sound is focused around electro in both classic and modern forms. He is actively engaged in building scenes in Southern Poland: he runs Azymut studio and Skan label in Katowice, and used to be resident of Kraków’s Szpitalna 1.

He was part of now defunct trio Urloop, whose Abyss EP was released by ARTS in 2015. Around the same time, he started promoting his first parties, working with such crews as Dype and In Unity. Now, Biøs is working on his debut solo release scheduled for Fall 2021. „Spectral Substance”, a foretaste of what’s to come was released by K-Hole Trax on a tape compilation.

Thanks to his knowledge, passion and the desire for perfect sound, Biøs co-founded Azymut studio in Katowice, which has already worked with the likes of Bass Astral & Igo.

Biøs regularly appears in places important for Polish electronic music. He has played at Unsound, Up to Date, Upper, Audioriver festivals as well as most of the relevant clubs.

General inquiries: Mateusz mateusz@granko.agency
tel +44 7463 025930

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