A man with way too many interests – an openly queer composer, producer, DJ and vocalist, graphic designer, typographer and 3D illustrator, proud member of the Oramics crew. His own music has morphed several times throughout the last 10 years – from purely synthetic timbres to a perplexing fusion of rhythmically and sonically jagged compositions with traditional harmonic singing in his collaboration with fellow singers in Pleśni.

In the club his over ten-year experience of supporting queer, anti-fascist and underground scene results in an almost annoyingly disparate selection of the most forward-thinking sound offered by today’s scene. In his series of DJ-sets and club nights (Oramics, Ciężki Brokat, W Mocy Nocy, Dystopia) he blends unusual rhythmic patterns kicked up a notch with his improvised vocals.

In late 2020 Avtomat released a new EP on Tańce. Titled “Gusła (Human Rites), it was recorded in response to government’s oppression of LGBTQ+ community in Poland. Avtomat describes the four angry tracks as a “collective scream of a community put up against a wall”.

He presented his music during numerous festivals (Unsound, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Audioriver, Spring Break, CoCArt, Tofifest) and an assortment of clubs and has been creating impromptu live music for an interactive theatre play The Method of National Constellations.


e: lukasz@granko.agency
t: +48 728 969 120