Based in: Poznań, Poland

Last couple of years saw Monster rise to national stardom, conquering parties and festivals across the country with memorable sets. Her meteoric rise was not a surprise – the talented DJ has a decade worth of experience under her belt and an omnivorous taste for euphoric and fun music—be it house, techno, acid, trance, breaks or… Rihanna.

Her career started in the late 00’s at Rozbrat, an anarchist squat and social center in Poznań, Poland. That’s where she started throwing Squat The Electricity nights, working tightly with the local scene, popularising electronic music among activists and activism among electronic music fans. Today, she’s a member of Oramics, a Polish platform supporting women, non-binary and queer people in electronic music. Their actions came to worldwide attention thanks to the Total Solidarity compilation.

In 2018, she won a DJ contest held by Catz 'n Dogz and performed at their Wooded City Festival in Szczecin. Later that year, she delivered a mix for Violet’s Naive label that was picked up by Pitchfork as one of their mixes of the month to the delight of Philip Sherburne: “this 99-minute set of acid, breakbeats, cascading piano house, electro, and even very early trance is cause to wonder why we haven’t heard of her before.” A recording of her fierce closing party set at Unsound 2019 was featured in Resident Advisor’s mix of the day series as well as in Pitchfork’s best mixes of January 2020. She was immediately asked to record a proper RA mix, the first Polish woman to do so since Magda.

She has performed in clubs all over Poland, and is a resident of Projekt LAB in Poznań. When not DJ-ing, you can catch her running workshops for DJs at feminist events such as International Women’s Day fundraisers, as well as ones hosted by Oramics, and Granko.


t: +48 509 729 623


15.09 Gravity Warsaw #1 | Jasna 1, Warszawa, Poland

30.09 C R E A M 6 BACK TO (NEW)SCHOOL | Klub SPATiF, Warszawa, Poland

1.10 Ciało: Patric Mason | Ciało, Wrocław, Poland 

Past events: 

3.09 RAVE LIKE IT’S 1998 | Crackhouse, Gdańsk, Poland

2.09 Techno | Czeska Sauna, Łódź, Poland

28.08 Bottom Topixxx | ÆDEN, Berlin, Germany

27.08 Wawel Festival | Wawel Castle, Kraków, Polska

26-27.08 WHOLE Festival | Tagebau Tandembagger, Gräfenhainichen, Germany

21.08 Wisłoujście Festival | Stara Twierdza, Gdańsk, Polska

20.08 Flaam Festival | Nitra, Slovakia

12.08 10. urodziny Projekt LAB: Sympozjum | Projekt LAB, Poznań, Kraków

5.08 Break me up | Schron, Poznań

31.07-01.08 Gloria • 10h-04h • Monster ~ Spray ~ Soyoon ~ Moksha | Macadam, Nantes, France

29-31.07 Audioriver 2022 | Płock, Poland

25.06 Wianki – Święto Muzyki 2022 | Powiśle, Krakow, Poland

18.06 J1 | Ephemera Festival x Jasna | Jasna 1, Warsaw, Poland 

4.06 DJ HEARTSTRING & Monster x Prozak 2.0 | Prozak 2.0, Krakow, Poland

28.05 Simuleringen 006: Monster (PL) x Slangejente | The Villa, Oslo, Norway

27.05 Alarm für die Nacht: MONSTER | Post Club, Vilnius, Lithuania

12.11 Dungeon Beats | Projekt LAB, Poznań, Poland

10.11 Ziemia x Gaja | Ziemia, Gdańsk, Poland

30.10 Guests of Kienitz | Dom Technika, Poznań, Poland
23.10 Connect | Hala Odra, Szczecin, Poland
22.10 LSDXOXO | Tama, Poznań, Poland
21.10 Rok od Strajku Kobiet | Święty Spokój, Poland
15.10 Unsound Festival | Kraków, Poland
09.10 Porshe Scopes | Komuna Warszawa, Warszawa, Poland
08.10 Projekt LIVE w/ Poly Face | Projekt Lab, Poznań, Poland
25.09 Urodziny DK | Dom Kultury, Lublin, Poland
18.09 Move Mózg w/ Asquith | Jasna 1, Warsaw, Poland
17.09 CEL: Vladimir Dubyshkin | CEL, Katowice, Poland
16.09 Synapse Knowledge (panel)| Meet Factory, Prague, Czechia
11.09 Slipway Festival | Gdańsk, Poland
28.08 Szlag x Sonder | Dom Technika, Poznań, Poland
27.08 Cats n Dogz & Friends | Praga Centrum, Warszawa, Poland
21.08 Alegria Bday | Projekt Lab, Poznań, Poland
07.08 Projekt Lab Takeover | Transformator, Wrocław, Poland
31.07 Oramics: Asbo Airlines & DJ emoji face | Projekt Lab, Poznań, Poland
24.07 HO_LIDAYS | Ulica Elektryków, Gdańsk, Poland
23.07 J1 | Monster, DJ Lotos | Jasna 1, Warszawa, Poland
09.07 ASID Festival | Walcownia, Katowice, Poland
03.07 Port All | Port Bar, Szczecin, Poland
02. 07 P23: Anetha & Schacke | P23, Katowice, Poland
30.06 CEL LAB Dj workshop | CEL, Katowice, Poland
26.06 FOMO | FOMO, Białystok, Poland
19.06 Przesilenie | Klub Konkret, Łódź, Poland
12.06 Techniküm | Projekt Lab, Poznań, Poland
04.06 Oczy Kobry | Szpitalna 1, Kraków, Poland
29.05 Początek #2, | CEL, Katowice, Poland
19.01 CTM Festival | online